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Political violence includes war and related violent conflicts, state violence and similar acts carried out by larger groups.Economic violence includes attacks by larger groups motivated by economic gain – such as attacks carried out with the purpose of disrupting economic activity, denying access to essential services, or creating economic division and fragmentation.

This typology, while imperfect and far from being universally accepted, does provide a useful framework for understanding the complex patterns of violence taking place around the world, as well as violence in the everyday lives of individuals, families and communities.

Self-abuse, in contrast, includes acts such as self-mutilation.

Collective violence is subdivided into structural violence and economic violence.

Self-directed violence is subdivided into suicidal behaviour and self-abuse.

The former includes suicidal thoughts, attempted suicides – also called para suicide or deliberate self-injury in some countries – and completed suicides.

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We’ve also put together a list of other ways to show support: October is Domestic Violence Awareness month.