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Globally, the average percentage of HIV infections through blood transfusions/products is only 5 percent.

However, in Egypt, about 24 percent of all its known HIV cases are from infected blood products.

In regards to intravenous drug use, between 16 percent and 41 percent of recreational drug users in Egypt use injected drugs, and about half of those have shared or reused syringes.

One study explored sexual relations within the Egyptian population to determine prominence of HIV transmission and found that of the 74 percent in the study that were sexually active, 15 percent had more than three partners in the last month and 58 percent had never used a condom.

However, between the years 20, HIV prevalence rates in Egypt increased tenfold.

Among officially reported cases, heterosexual intercourse is the primary mode of transmission of HIV (49.1 percent), followed by homosexual intercourse (22.9 percent), renal dialysis (12 percent), and blood transfusion (6.2 percent), according to the National Aids Program (NAP) in an official report issued in January 2008.

These statistics fuel some of the hypotheses that there is a concentrated HIV epidemic occurring in Egypt among high-risk groups, but due to social stigma and lack of prevalence data, it is not acknowledged.This was about the same time that other countries in the Middle East and North Africa region also started seeing their first cases of HIV.In 1987, one year after the discovery of the disease in Egypt, the National Aids Program (NAP) in Egypt was formed.In the early 90's several studies suggested that there was overall a very low, presence of HIV in the MENA region.By the end of 1996 only 27,000 people in the region died of HIV related causes while in Europe and sub-Saharan Africa that number was 170,000 and 4.6 million respectively.

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Males are four times more likely to have HIV than females, but this may be due to more men being tested than women.

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