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I'm a guy, and I'm heterosexual so I generally don't exactly find other guys attractive though I know women do and I also know that many of the men woman find attractive often leave me wondering why.

When in my twenties, I used to see these dirty, scrawny, long haired, often ugly 'dudes' walking along with big, dirty bare feet, wearing dirty jeans and a leather, shiny black vest and nothing else, accompanied by two or three hot looking girls and really wondered why. What do young women find attractive in older men, something like twice their age and is there anyone on this board, female, who has been or is involved with a much older man?

There's another reason for women to dig older guys, from the evolutionary-psychology standpoint: Remember, our psychology evolved in an environment where day-to-day survival was a challenge.

If a guy was really old, that meant he was successful and tough enough to live to such an advanced age.

I've looked at older women within the same age group and found very few attractive enough to consider having a relationship with, especially those who have lost their figures and seem shapeless.

(Like the old saying that we start out in a baby form, shapeless, and after getting beyond our prime reproductive years, go back into a shapeless, baby-like form in our reclining years.) So, why do so many women like going with guys old enough to be their grand fathers? I know the guys really appreciate it and it seems to have given most of them a new lease on life and health, which I can understand in a 65 year old seeing a 20 to 30 year old woman, after helping out at a senior center for a month.

She doesn't need to think long, answering "well, I suppose I would". Oh - disclaimer: I think the situation is reversed among the sexes when it comes to gold digging too sometimes. You have already gotten the answer to your posted question from the women you have already asked: , from them liking the maturity range and their not constantly thinking about sex like young guys do, to their not being as quick to get into trouble or fights and being gentler and more appreciative in sex, to more caring, more giving, and attractive.

The concept for us of crawling into the sack with a wrinkled, dry skinned, pot stomached, spindly shanked, sagging buttocked, drooping breasted old woman was enough to make the most determined sexual desire go away. Women prostitutes don't have to get horny to earn their money, but a guy does!

Being selfish here, I can mainly see attraction, sexual or other, only through my own eyes and I do not know what a young woman can find sexy in a much older man, but I do know of a few who really care for their elderly mates.

She doesn't look 20, but then neither does my father in law. Why do some guys get so hung up on appearance that they cannot get past it?

(And does this mean that you will need to trade in your wife when she turns 50 for a pair of 25 year olds?

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Eventually, the gene for women to be attracted to older guys would "sweep to fixation" throughout the human population, resulting in the "normal" human psychology we have today.

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