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He was an unlikely dancer, who eventually found his passion for dance.

At this time of writing, he is about to leave Singapore for good to go back to China to start a new life post dance.

They are marvelous with their energy, jumps, turns and do amazing lifts of their fellow female dancers.

They are also more likely to muck around, get in trouble. Surely, learning to dance ballet did not happen overnight for them.

Actually I never took any dance class before Beijing Dance Academy. I was 11 years at that time when I was accepted into Beijing Dance Academy. I can honestly say that in the beginning, I didn’t like dance at all. I think Chen Wei had a chance to perform with them at that time if I’m not wrong.

I didn’t like to study and only liked to play games. I was watching Carlos Acosta very closely during the performance.

What was it like to be the absolute minority, to be in a vocation mostly overlooked as a “girl’s thing”?

We managed to chat about that with Zhao Jun, who very recently retired from stage as a First Artist from the Singapore Dance Theatre.

I really really really didn’t want to join that school. The 2nd: They test your reaction, how fast you can pick up the steps or how visual you are, and your musicality. But because I didn’t know how to dance then, so I did some gymnastics exercises. In the final round, you’ll have to pass a written exam. Because of that, I started to love dancing variations. I still felt that I don’t know how to dance, and what is dance exactly. And I heard that the choreographer is a very strict and serious person. If I don’t really like something, then I won’t do it. When the exhibition is over in Guangzhou on June 15, the work will tour to Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing. A sudden attack of respiratory infection delivers me onto the operating table at King’s College Hospital.The following article describes the making process which happened in Xiangshan village, Huadu District in the north-east of Guangzhou. If there is a correct way of interpreting a work, who defines it? Thanks to the general anaesthetic, this period of my life becomes a blank. I wake up in the dead of night or the small hours of the morning and find a drip tube inserted into my right arm, and an oxygen tube hissing gently in my nose. Drowsy from the painkillers, I fall back into a deep sleep.Asian Field unnamed Hu Fang 0 For a long time, I didn’t know how to express my feelings on encountering Asian Field in different cities. Why do some people feel lonely, and some feel happy? If there is no correct or incorrect interpretation, then is it up to us how we react? Two days later, as I watch from the taxi as the hospital gates recede into the distance, and the long forgotten warmth of the sunlight envelops me once more, I can scarcely believe that I’m returning to the world.As the time and place changed, my feelings often changed too, making it impossible to draw them together, and so I could never find the right words to describe them. Is it true that, if we don’t express our feelings, we forget them? For the next two weeks, the wound and the medication keep me confined to my room.

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The figures took five full days to complete, after which they were fired at a local brick factory. The exhibition in Guangzhou is opened in an underground car-park in Xinhua Garden, Huajing Xin Cheng.

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