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Feminists’ homeland Apparently, Norwegian women began to show their imperious character in the days of Vikings.The feminization of society in Norway today is more striking, than in the U. Women were given the right to vote in 1913 – and it’s a given that Norway became an independent state only in 1905.However, women in Norway were not allowed categorically to go about male business and bear arms. By the way, today Norwegians claim that the nature of the Vikings’ wives was more abrupt than their spouses’ one.Vikings realized their bloody campaigns to escape from domestic tyranny.The lenses physically repel dust and water, and are also smudge-resistant.

Huge blue-eyed savages was famous not only for looting and robberies: legends preserved the memory of beautiful maidens with whom they fell in love. First of all, they are full hostesses of the house.

For example, a woman could demand a divorce if her husband was caught slovenly dressed ( the question of torn skin).

At the time, clothes were to protect not only from the cold, but also from evil forces.

Office workers spend their day switching from one digital screen to another.

The first thing many of us do when we wake up is check our email and social media, then catch up on the news via a tablet and play games on our phone on our way to work.

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