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Cancer dating virgo

You need to focus your primary tension on professional matters to improve your life overall.If there's been a certain kind of confused indecisiveness in the air you need to put that the rest and make a decision one way or another.

Establish you as a resource for others who need motivation and guidance.

A succinct phone conversation or email with someone at a distance should clear the air.

But with Mars still influencing your third house of communications there may be some difficulty having a mutually calm discussion so maybe pick a better time for the call.

Look a little more deeply and see the true worth of any special person you may have met recently.

The Moon is in your 11th house of friendships so you need to pay extra special attention to the motivations of others rather than glossing over their words and accepting things at face value.

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You need to think carefully about prioritising your desires. Promises are easy to make, harder to keep, so indulge in dreams but don't marry yourself to them right away until they have had time to prove themselves.