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His 1993 movie "The Man by the Shore" was the first Haitian movie to be released in U.theaters and was the first film from the Caribbean to compete for the top award at the Cannes Film Festival.So, to answer your question, somewhere in the vicinity of 100 dates until sex...My rule of thumb was that if you didn't get as far as having a second date, the relationship probably wasn't going anywhere.Let me put it this way, with a roll of the shoulder.

Nothing wrong with a lust based relationship (if both of you know that's what it is).

I have had sex on the first date and I have had relationships where sex didn't enter the picture for quite a while.

And personally, I have a high sex-drive, and part of being attracted to someone is wanting to get into their pants already!

Look, I'm just with a student - can I call you back in 45 minutes? Together with her older brother Owain and Welsh mum Nano, she spent the next eight years living in hotels before settling back in the UK. It felt like we lived in enormous houses with lots of guests. And from then on, it's all I've ever wanted to do." Although they encouraged her acting in the early years, Carey's parents were less enthusiastic when she planned to shun academia for showbiz. Having your parents feel disappointed in you is the worst feeling in the world." Carey's parents, who now live in Chalfont St Peter, Bucks, may have underestimated her raw determination to become an actress.

She didn't have Shrek cheeks and a wonky mouth." Born in Westminster, Central London, Carey moved to Germany at the age of three when her Liverpudlian father Stephen took a job managing hotels. And I started crying because I was too young to be in it, and they said, 'OK, fine, you can do it because you're Owain's younger sister.' And they put me in it. She recalls: "I went downstairs, walked out the front door, and just walked and didn't come back for about three hours.

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Then again, I dated a guy for a year with no sex (his wish, not mine) and it got old long before the year was over (course, him being a Class A jerk didn't help either).

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