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There's a simple reason Christians don't get any respect in America. Tell me that I'm wrong...right after you do, explain to me why liberals WET THEMSELVES IN FEAR when they merely THINK ABOUT doing something that could offend Muslims.

There's a simple reason that Hollywood and liberals don't take shots at Muslims: Muslims take notice and get offended.

Most of these are easy to avoid, because most of them are sexually-explicit by name or description.

They offer an opportunity to "meet horny local women" or something similar.

Want to actually do something about this that matters? Then if you have Mozilla Firefox, uninstall it from your computer. Even if you don't use Mozilla Firefox or Ok Cupid, there's nothing wrong with telling the world that you won't be using their services in the future because they're anti-Christian. That's not exactly being thrown in a fiery furnace or being fed to the lions in the arena, is it?The truth is, we don't need to take extreme measures to get the deference we're due.We just need to stop ignoring grotesque provocations aimed at our faith.If you believe that Jesus Christ deserves a modicum of respect, PROVE IT.If enough Christians follow in your footsteps, you better believe other businesses will pay attention and they will think twice before they spit in our faces again.

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The general understanding by people in-the-know with this industry is that these are fake profiles generating messages.

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