Danger of internet dating

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Until whey became popular in protein powder, it was considered a waste by-product of cheese production and dumped.

Now dairy companies are profiting by setting up factories to concentrate whey and purify it. When an American watchdog tested 16 products bought from shops two years ago, it found serious problems with five of them, such as dangerous levels of cholesterol or illegal levels of lead.

After several messages it appears that she does not speak English, all this time she went to a dating agency who helped her to translate her letters, but now she does not have money to pay for translation and you need to send money to this agency in order to keep communicating with her.

Do not believe it, this is a translation scam scenario.

Ron Maughan, emeritus professor of sport and exercise nutrition at Loughborough University, says: ‘There are cases where protein powders have been contaminated with steroids, due to poor practices at factories making both.

Scammers are often detected within 1-2 days after registration and they get deleted. If a woman wrote to you as it was written on the dating site from your country, but later she appears to be from Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria then yes, it is a scam.

Similarly, a study last year found that adding soy protein to your diet could speed up the rate at which breast cancer cells spread.

There is also a risk from consuming chemicals in protein powders that less careful manufacturers are not including on the label.

To meet the needs of these so-called protein princesses, female-focused fitness brands have been created, such as Pink Protein, with rose-coloured packaging; Tiara Protein, marketed by fitness model Tiara Cameron; and Protein World’s ‘beach body’ offerings.

Rebecca Fredericks, 33, from Greenwich, South-East London, was one of the early adopters.‘I had always done aerobics, but five years ago I began weight training to build muscle in my upper body and balance out my figure,’ she says.

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On average, men should eat 55g and women 45g of protein daily, says the British Dietetic Association (BDA).‘Very high levels of protein can damage kidneys and livers,’ says Ms Bond.