Dating barn beams

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Dating barn beams

Top row: Photos taken circa 1930 on the construction site of the Nuffield Orthopedic Hospital, Oxford. Bottom left: A beautiful old stately home - any idea where it is?

We have this photo in our archive but no information and we can't locate it.

Our Site Manager Neville Jones handed it over to the school and it has been added to their collection!

The primary use of the stables will be race horse rehabilitation and includes exerciser, walker, salt and spa unit and warm up barn.

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Any idea who the painter on the front steps might have been?!

Bottom right: Wolvercote Mill circa 1957, on the back of the photo it says 'George and Percy' - do you recognise them? We are delighted to have been appointed to construct a new race horse stables in Berkshire.

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Whether positive or negative, every transition teaches us valuable lessons if we are curious and interested in learning.

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