Dating fisher price toys

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(The water and vigorous spinning of the machine will render them silent!

"If you need a little help with the cleaning, a toothbrush works to scrub small places," adds Heather Walker, founder of Functional Spaces Organizing.

Separate add-on packs of modules will be sold separately for a pop, three to a set.

Some will do different tricks, or have different sounds.

"Use a tablespoon of bleach diluted in a quart of water and allow the toys to air-dry," says Walker. Don't go crazy scrubbing your baby's toys and other play equipment too frequently, but be sure to give them a good once-over when you notice they're particularly gummed up with food or saliva.

"'Everyday toys,' which means those you carry in the diaper bag or your baby's favorites, should be cleaned weekly," says Novak.

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Depending on what order you plug Think & Learn together, it moves differently.