Dating nigerian singles urhobo seeking marriage

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Dating nigerian singles urhobo seeking marriage

That's not her real name as she doesn't wish to reveal her true identity.

A few years ago her family started pressuring her into finding a husband. Infected despite precautions Gloria doesn't know how she became infected.

Forget that nonsense you have been reading on the Internet: period.

The Nigerian man is not hard to figure out, hard to please and neither is he asking for too much.

Women Protest Men Scarcity In Zamfara Yesterday over 8,000 Nigerian women stormed Zamfara Hisbah Commission to protest scarcity of men to get married to.

The aim of the protest was to seek Government’s assistance to enable them to get married.

Michael says he has 7,000 people on his books seeking a partner.

() Award-winning HIV/AIDS campaigner in Zimbabwe, Martha Tholanah, is calling for the inclusion of minority groups in national reproductive health programs in order to fight stigma and discrimination.

() By 2030 the AIDS epidemic should be overcome – that's the goal of the United Nations.

These days everybody in Nigeria seems to be talking about Michael's agency. He'd already been visiting people with HIV in hospital. "When I looked into their faces, I caught myself thinking this is no life for them and I wondered how I could help." Women under pressure to marry The official figure for the number of people with HIV-AIDS in Nigeria is 3.5 million, but the real figure is probably twice or three times as high. Yet women in Nigerian society are under pressure to find a husband and get married when they are young. In many African cultures, a marriage without children isn't a proper marriage.

Those who know they are infected generally keep this knowledge to themselves. 35-year-old Gloria is one of the women whom Michael has been able to help.

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He often gets as many as 100 calls a day, which invariably end with the same question. " It is a question which some people might find offensive, but Michael takes it in his stride.