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Dating waltham antique pocket watch

You do need special tools and a good degree of knowledge, before you take on something like replacing a spring, or installing a new winder.I am ok with doing some basic cleaning and have even replaced broken watch faces, but I shy away from the actual movements as that is the work of experts.Like any other collector's items, the oldest and rarest pieces are the most valuable, so it is important to know as much information as you can about a watch before buying or selling it. A hunting case pocket watch has a closed case that goes over the face of the watch. For instance, "K18" means the case is made out of 18-carat gold.It is fairly simple to confirm a watch is a Waltham pocket watch and to identify the model and manufacturing date. An open face pocket watch has no cover over the face and it winds at the 12 o'clock position. Co." and "Waltham, Mass." on the movement, which is the inner workings of the pocket watch. For instance, a Riverside grade watch will have "A. In those cases, the investment is worth it to have something special that brings back great memories to you, and that you can then pass down through the family.

If however you want to do that to increase the value, then you should have a good think about that.However if it is rare, then they can be tough to find.The good news there is that your watch will probably have a great deal more value.Waltham pocket watches have been around for more than 150 years and are a collector's item. If the serial number is between two dates, it was made in the earlier date. "AWco" written on the inside of the cover means the cover was also made by Waltham.They were made between 18 in Waltham, Massachusetts. A "K" with a number means the case is made of gold, and the number indicates how many carats it is.

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A sidewinder pocket watch has no cover over the face and it winds at 3 o'clock.

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