Dating while divorcing adultery

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Dating while divorcing adultery

Does Anna Duggar still have the utmost faith in her husband now that he's admitted to being unfaithful?

While it was bad enough when the world found out what Anna apparently already knew, that her husband, Josh Duggar, had molested two of his younger sisters when he was around 14, now he's been revealed to be your average, lame, garden-variety cheater as well.

Because divorcing Josh wouldn't just be about breaking up their marriage, no matter how much breaking he did first.

Going by the more recently married Duggar siblings' approach to tying the knot, it would also be about breaking the spiritual contract she and Josh entered into at the altar.

Or at least happen anytime soon enough to comfort the masses crying out for If at the end of the day (and by end of the day we mean five years from now), Anna and Josh remain married, she certainly wouldn't be breaking any mold by staying with a cheating spouse. Some still have a bone to pick to this day with Hillary Clinton for sticking with Bill, so Anna will be on the D-level of the list of well-known women who stayed after their husband strayed.

course through her veins—the mother of four young children may not even see divorce as a possibility (as so many of us who do not abide by the tenets of her faith might automatically think about in such a situation).

Can you tell by looking at that picture if that child was conceived in love? It is a human being whom God did not just “allow” to come into this world–He was actively involved in the conception and creating of life–even if the coming together of the sperm and the egg was through sinful circumstances.If you owe child support, YOU PAY IT–not your spouse. There is absolutely no reason for either of the Affair Partners to email, chat, text or call each other. There can always be an intermediary, and that can be anyone: the Loyal Spouse, a pastor or mentor, a mutual friend, a parent, an attorney, or a day-care person. There is no reason why the child could not be left at an intermediary or neutral place, and this works better as the child gets older. In the event of an actual emergency, I suggest that the Loyal and Disloyal Spouses just have a Mutual Agreement about how to handle it.The Affair Partner can send any communication to the intermediary, and the intermediary can get the message to the Disloyal Spouse. For example, the “mom” leaves the baby at day care on Wednesday morning and goes to her work…the “dad” picks up the baby at day care Wednesday night on his way home from work. If you have a reasonable Other Person, if the affair was literally years ago, and if everyone is out of each others’ lives and pretty respectful, it’s conceivable the Loyal may be okay with the Disloyal getting true emergency contact.And in that case, we'd be a lot more upset about the prospect of disappointing God than we would some cheating a-hole.Though it's not publicly known if Josh and Anna did this (the media weren't all over the Duggars as much in 2008), Josh's sister Jill entered into a covenant marriage with husband Derick Dillard (as did sister Jessa and hubby Ben Seewald) when they swapped vows, a type of union that is subjected to stricter standards when it comes to the possibility of ending it. According to John Brown University's Center for Healthy Relationships, a husband and wife in a covenant marriage (which is only legal in Arkansas, Arizona and Louisiana) agree to seek counseling before ever considering a divorce, and they can only seek a divorce if a spouse committed adultery; committed a felony or "infamous crime"; or physically or sexually abused the other spouse or a child.

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But getting beyond that, here are some practical ideas: 1.