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We all want to make our legs look the best they possibly can, and there's barely a woman alive whose legs don't look longer and leaner in a high-heeled shoe.So if you're an older lady like me who wants to stand tall occasionally, how can you wear heels late into the night?Hamstring stretches and ankle rotations can help prepare your legs for what's coming.For me, it's pretty much a habit - I do it most of the time while I'm sitting down.When I do wear heels, I prefer to only wear them to dinner, where I'll be sitting down most of the time.

But don't get me wrong - I think heels make most women look great.

My young feet just seemed tougher than they are now.

I'm in my 60s now and these feet have been around a long time.

They are: – High blood pressure – Vitamin B deficiency – Trauma – Obesity – Gout. – Chronic kidney disease – Alcoholism – Overuse – Low thyroid levels – Neuroma – Inflamed blood vessels – Nerve damage – Nerve entrapments – Erythromelalgia – Circulation disorders – Blood disorders – Edema or fluid retention Doing exercise not only helps to improve your health, it also helps in soothing burning feet very well.

In addition, physical activities will improve the blood circulation as well as prevent some problems of the nervous system.

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