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Dating wmj rua folders

See the "Configuring the Eclipse IDE (Indigo)" section.If you don’t have the Juno 4.2 Eclipse IDE installed, you can find the tarball at target="_self".

The project currently provides a build system, which is referred to as the Open Embedded build system in the Yocto Project documentation.Also keep in mind that this structure represents the Yocto Project source repositories that are either pulled from during the build or established on the host development system prior to the build by either cloning a particular kernel's Git repository or by downloading and unpacking a tarball.Storage of all the available kernel source code is one thing, while representing the code on your host development system is another.The overall result is a Git-maintained repository from which all the supported kernel types can be derived for all the supported devices.A big advantage to this scheme is the sharing of common features by keeping them in "larger" branches within the tree.

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