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Earthsdating com

In 2015, Medallion Resources made significant progress on its lab-scale metallurgical testing, overseen by the company’s Chief Technical Advisor Dr. Recent test work has confirmed Medallion’s caustic-route metallurgical process plans, bringing the company closer to full process refinement and commercialization.The test work has also resulted in improved techniques for the production of phosphate as a potential commercial fertilizer by-product of the process.“And we are on the path to becoming a significant player in this market.What we’re offering is low cost, near-term production of high-grade rare earth products approach outside of China.” Strategy for Building a Low Cost Rare Earths Producer Medallion Resources’ strategy is centered on the near-term, low-cost production of rare earths from monazite.Medallion Resources is pursuing monazite purchasing agreements, and processing partnerships, and plans to build a rare earths processing facility in North America.“We’re taking a different approach to rare earth production than our peers.Monazite can be isolated as a nearly pure concentrate containing significant amounts of key REEs used in magnet manufacturing including neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium and terbium.“Right now the size of the global rare earths market is about 130,000 tonnes per year,” stated Lay.

And with many of the heavy mineral sand operations having an average mine life of 20 to 40 years, long-term production is guaranteed.Medallion Resources’ rare-earth production strategy includes entering into long-term monazite supply agreements with reliable heavy-mineral sands producers in different regions outside of China.In this way, the company hopes to position itself as a leading supplier of non-China rare earths chemical concentrate to downstream separation processors.Further increasing demand for alternative sources to China comes from ethically-minded companies looking to secure a conflict-free supply of rare earths.At a recent PDAC conference, Ryan Castilloux, founding director and industry analyst at Adamas Intelligence, shared his predictions for rare earths prices, specifically for dysprosium, terbium, neodymium, and praseodymium.

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Medallion product validated by industry In late 2015, Medallion provided mixed-rare earth concentrate samples extracted from by-product Monazite to rare-earth separators and other interested parties.

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