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They often use tricks like: If you think your information has been stolen by a scammer, report it immediately.

For example, if it was your bank account information, call us on 13 30 30 straight away; if you think they have your login to a social media account, contact that site to report it.

A number of AMP customers may have recently received a phishing email pretending to be from us, requesting them to confirm recent payments. Do not click on the buttons or enter any details, as the information is being collected for misuse.

If you have entered your details, please use our website au (always type our address into your browser rather than click on a link) to login to My AMP and change your password.

You should also check that your security software is enabled and up to date.

The scams typically start with a unexpected phone call or email, or through online forums and social media.

If you think you have been caught by this scam, please call us on immediately on 13 30 30.

You should also run an updated virus scan on your computer.

Affected users can close the pop up manually through Windows Task Manager (for PC users) or by using the Activity Monitor (for Mac users).

If this fails to work, shut down and restart the computer.

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The attachment will direct you to a site that looks like ours but is not.