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These "It Girls," according to the study, obviously have discerning taste in brands.

These are their favorite brands, according to the study. It became iconic after being featured on the show Sex and the City more than a decade ago.

Why it's hot: The Birkin bag is a status symbol, and was canonized in the Upper East Side mom tell-all "Primates of Park Avenue." What it is: OPI is one of the most popular nail polish manufacturers.

Why it's hot: Girls love OPI, and it's frequently found in nail salons.

What it is: Neutrogena is a skincare, haircare, and cosmetics brand that is sold at most drug stores, like CVS and Walgreens.

Why it's hot: Goldman Sachs and Teen Vogue's study revealed that cool girls were becoming more interested in beauty and cosmetics — and the foundation of that all is skin care.

Why it's hot: The company underwent a massive rebranding after Hedi Slimane was made creative director in 2012.

Stylish millennials and Gen Z-ers are the future of retail.

Goldman Sachs and Teen Vogue picked out young women ages 13-29 that they defined as fashion forward, and polled these select girls to find out which brands they love the most.

Why it's hot: These colors are practically instantly recognizable — it's hard go to a fall season without recognizing one woman wearing "Wicked." The brand's cutely named polish colors ("Fishnet Stockings," "Ballet Slippers," "Size Matters") are notable.

Many women also anticipate the forthcoming colors each season.

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Why it's hot: When it comes to retail, fast fashion rules.