Interfaith dating jewish men

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Interfaith dating jewish men

141–142) Jewish women, however, were anomalous in this regard. They were raised to believe that there was nothing superior to a Jewish man.

And, despite the social class advantages that might have accrued to them through marrying non-Jews, the rate of interfaith marriage for Jewish women was, until the decade of the 1970s, always considerably lower than that of Jewish men. Apart from the fact that both groups are subject to the same societal influences, the two rates are also integrally connected to each other: as increasing proportions of Jewish men intermarry, there will be fewer available Jewish males for Jewish women. 8–9) Until the mid-1970s, the issue of gender differentials in exogamy was often noted in passing in articles describing mixed marriage.

They wrote that in the past, Jewish men were much more likely than Jewish women to intermarry. For Jewish women, the proportion of inmarriages declines by twenty-eight percent during the same period, from ninety-eight percent to seventy percent. If there was any analysis of the phenomenon, it took the form of blaming Jewish women for the out-marriage of Jewish men.In a recent textbook, the resulting shortage of eligible men for high-status women is described for American society in general as follows: The phenomenon of the dating differential also helps explain why unmarried women are often from relatively higher-status populations than are unmarried men of the same age.Overall, there are about equal numbers of young men and young women.One would therefore expect stronger sanctions against out-marriage for men than for women, whose exogamy would not appear to threaten group survival to the same degree.Why is it, then, that, until the last two decades or so, Jewish women were so reluctant to intermarry?

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