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Is bella and edward dating in real life

Although Mahs plot is original and could make a good vampire series, other than Amy herself, the characters are standard and underdeveloped.

The voice changes erratically, alerting the reader to new point of view by italics and sub-heading, and these devices make the story amateurish and difficult to follow.

It tells the story of Blue Knightly, a young man from the South who has to travel to New York to identify the body of his younger sister.

Lacy a bit of a wild child has been missing for six weeks, and a (disfigured) body has been discovered that seems to match her description.

Like most of the Morganville books, Last Breath ends on a cliffhanger.

This does mean that it cant really be read as a standalone; the series makes a lot more sense if read in sequence.

Unlike a lot of recent YA vampire fiction, Blood Drunk is not a paranormal romance.

Vampire fiction is probably one of the most popular horror subgenres for young adults/teens.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel hooked a whole generation of teens.

But for readers who have been enjoying the series so far, Last Breath is a great new episode in one of the strongest YA vampires series around. Amy Mahs first book, Fangs Rule: A Girls Guide to Being a Vampire, was a charming, beautifully illustrated work with an adolescent viewpoint that was clever and light.

But her new work, Amy Mah: Vampire, is a departure in the wrong direction.

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The diction and voice are very young, appealing at best to pre-teen readers, but Mahs constant referrals to nudity, losing virginity, being spanked by numerous adults, and lesbian sex are disturbing and should be left to older audiences.