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The uproar over the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act demonstrates that religious liberty arguments don’t work anymore. But religious liberty arguments are not compelling enough to induce our fellow citizens to sacrifice something they value, namely, sexual liberty. An increasing number of our fellow citizens do not believe in any god.A substantial number describe themselves as spiritual but not religious.We need a different strategy: argue against the Sexual Revolution because it has hurt people. We are tacitly giving a pass to the earlier phases of the Sexual Revolution, by saying so little about them. And, it is intellectually incoherent, since the acceptance of genderless marriage actually depends upon our acceptance of those earlier phases of the Sexual Revolution.The only serious exception to this generalization is abortion: the Catholic Church, and more recently, other Christians, have put up a noble fight against the Big Abortion Machine. True enough, there is no constituency right now for winning elections on some of these issues. That just means we have not made the substantive case on these issues often enough and persuasively enough.More Americans than ever support Palestinian liberation, and the movement is spreading to a record number of college campuses. government is considering legal options to fight the movement and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton recently declared her opposition to BDS.It’s becoming such a threat to Israeli imperialism that opponents are pouring millions into opposing BDS, even enlisting NBA players and Hollywood celebrities. However, the campaigns waged by the movement’s wealthy opponents are no match for the Internet.Slovakia is at the crossroads between eastern and western Europe.

My point is that bringing up religious liberty no longer strengthens our case: it weakens our case. Our society desperately needs to hear this message.Jennifer Roback Morse is the founder and president of The Ruth Institute, a non-profit organization focused on keeping the family together, protecting the rights of children and helping the millions of people who have been harmed by family breakdown.She is the author, most recently, of The Sexual Revolution and Its Victims (2015). Morse, sign up for her e-newsletter here and receive a free gift.Christianity has a viable, humane, intellectually coherent alternative to the Sexual Revolution. Demanding our First Amendment Rights is a distraction.If we religious believers won’t proclaim these truths, who will?

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Many of my fellow proponents of man/woman marriage cite religious liberty as an argument against redefining marriage.

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