Nyt app not updating

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Nyt app not updating

I don’t want to be the group tattle tale but it’s really starting to affect the morale of those who are childless when we see empty offices on Fridays.Thoughts on how to approach this, or do I just suck it up and deal with it?

I realize I am not a parent so I don’t understand the balance or struggles of being a working mother, but I am expected to be in the office five days a week, while they essentially work four.Of course, it’s entirely possible that that’s not how your coworkers are using the flexibility.Maybe they’re working 9-5 from home but taking tons of time off in the middle of the day that they never make up.For instance, if someone worked from 7-11, went to their kid’s karate tournament from 11-2, worked more from 2-, and then put in another hour and half over the weekend, that would total eight hours of work.And to some people, that’s the point of a flexible schedule and working from home: It allows you to fit life in, and schedule work around it.

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Of course, the one thing that you do know for sure is that these coworkers are at least sometimes missing client calls on those days, and that’s potentially a legitimate issue.

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