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"The next day, there ain't no paparazzi pictures, 'cause mama knew how to hide that camera. And so now his picture is out there and I didn't need it to be!

" "But you have a beautiful baby," offered Meyers, whose son Ashe makes frequent appearances on his own Instagram.

Tyra, meanwhile, kept the very fact that she was expecting via surrogate a complete secret until York was born in January 2016, and the first pic she shared of him that Valentine's Day was taken from the side, so his full face wasn't visible.

Zoe Saldana went that route with her twins, regularly posting pics but at first only of their adorable little hands, the backs of their heads, etc.

And these are just three of the different approaches celebs have taken to sharing photos of their kids with a larger audience.

Most notably, they had a large member database, filled with singles that were not turned off by the thought of dating someone with a kid.

It's either going to be a glossy magazine cover with all proceeds donated to charity or nothing.

They may have had some sort of idea about how they might introduce their little ones to the world down the road, but in the meantime they obviously just wanted to be left alone. And so like a lot of social policy that seems so obvious now but wasn't always that way, the evolution toward a more respectful zone with regard to how celebrities are photographed when they're out with their children has been a process.

The French tabloid that published photos of George and Amal Clooney's month-and-a-half-year-old twins that, according to George, were taken illegally, said in its defense that the pictures were simply "a response to a public demand."Hey, leave us out of this.

It's doubtful that any real fans of the Clooneys would have approved of a plan to scale a fence, climb a tree and snap Alexander and Ella within the family's Lake Como home, as George said these paparazzi did.

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She has more recently ventured into side views, but has yet to go with a full-on, looking-into-the-camera pic.

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