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Oprah dating history

Before giving advice, maybe I should seek advice from someone better/nicer/smarter/saner than I.Thus I called Toby Salter, a Los Angeles-based marriage and family therapist, and she thought the idea of bottling up our sad stories was the saddest story of all.That’s why, despite being among the blessed few granted intimate access to the Patron Saint of Living Our Best Lives for more than a decade, Winfrey has decided to air all of Oprah’s dirty laundry. A lot of what Winfrey has to say about Oprah’s relationship is fun and silly, in that it kind of confirms what we’ve always expected: that weird-ass triangle between Oprah; the man she’s dated for 28 years, Stedman Graham; and her best friend/veritable shadow, Gayle King, seems really freaking awkward.That’s also why we should take everything she says with a grain of salt. So even if none of what Winfrey is saying is true, it’s still entertaining to read as fan fiction.(In an email to The Daily Beast, Oprah Winfrey’s spokesperson did not address Barbara Winfrey’s comments on the nature of Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King’s relationship."Openness, honesty, and the freedom to reveal yourself is what love is all about," Salter says.The bigger question in her mind, Jenny, was why your boyfriend didn't want to hear about your past.

In other words, folks, Barbara Winfrey has an agenda.Oprah Winfrey and partner Stedman Graham cozied up for a rare photo on Valentine's Day.The 62-year-old media mogul and 64-year-old businessman were all smiles in a snapshot Winfrey shared on Instagram captioned, "Stepping out with my Valentine of almost 30 yrs!A: Greg Behrendt—whose new book, It's Just a Freakin' Date! I thought this was a necessary part of the mating ritual. I remember in Jerry Maguire, Renée Zellweger's character starts to talk about her past marriage, then stops herself and says, "Let's not tell our sad stories." So that's what I was going to suggest, Jenny, that maybe we shouldn't tell our sad stories, because you often get more than you bargained for.(written with his wife, Amiira), comes out in December—once told me that when he met Amiira, they decided not to talk about past relationships. For example, I used to think I was open to hearing about a boyfriend's ex as long as the point was that I was better/nicer/smarter/saner than she.

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Although she admits that therapists have a different perspective—they believe your past makes you who you are—she also believes the intimacy of the disclosure should reflect the intimacy of the relationship.

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