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Thus an officer seeking to send a message calls control. If another officer seeks to speak at the same time, the effect will be that neither officer can be properly understood by control.

3.46: In a written submission to the Inquiry made by the Fire Brigades Union it was suggested that the water supplies adjacent to the ground were insufficient to deal with the severity of fire, and that it was the normal practice for water authorities to restrict the meter supplies at weekends.

With the focus on maintaining peace with their neighbours, the Iroquois tribes were free to develop their predominantly agragian society. The Isle of Man has the oldest Parliament, but it has not always been elected by universal suffrage.

Their leaders were chosen, by their women, for their knowledge of the earth and their skills at providing for their villages. Did the UK have to await the extension of the franchise to 18 year olds?

The ‘Interim Report’ and some of the details it contains about the Bradford City Fire make for some difficult reading.

In fact there are details within the report that really sadden the heart.

Switzerland has an ancient confederation, but governments never get voted out of power, due to the permanent coaltion.

The same four parties have been in power since 1959, two of them for over a century.

Switzerland, like California, makes great use of direct democracy, at both confederal and cantonal level.

That work would have started on the following Monday.

It is well worth reading the full Popplewell Inquiry Interim Report into the Bradford City Fire.

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