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It uses clever data compression, essentially recording just changes on each pin, rather than the state of each pin at every clock.

You can order it with a trigger output - highly recommended if you work with mixed signals and want to see an analog waveform in relation to some digital pattern.

The Clever Scope folks are also very good at updating the firmware and software.

When I bought this unit it had no serial decoding capabilities.

I purchased it shortly after it was released, on the _promise_ that they'd soon have a Mac and Linux client.

Also, it looks like just came out with this one (their first MSO). In particular the , but their other (board only, no enclosure) products are quite cool and inexpensive.Disclosure: I have no relationship with Seleae other than being a very satisfied owner of one of their products.Bill Knight wrote: One tool that I have found extremely useful in my work is the logic analyzer made by Saleae.We find it invaluable for I2S and SPI issues, and it also has CAN, I2C, SPI and RS232 decoders built into the software. Scott Whitney also likes the , and is a 34 channel analyzer via USB connection, with 500MHz timing mode or 200MHz state mode.The cool thing about it is that it provides complex triggering, and directly decodes CAN, I2C, SPI, and RS232 data streams.

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However, thanks to updates, I can now decode UART, SPI, and I2C communications (this has come in handy more than once) with this scope.

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