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Tarjomeh Localization Ltd is provider of high quality translation services in Middle East languages including Arabic, Persian (Farsi), Kurdish, Dari and Pashto.We can provide servies in other world-known languages as well.(And there is plenty of contingency in the costings).There will be an update in early January which will probably be positive.

“ Having exclusive access to our own deep-water port is a huge part of the proposition for our project, giving us access to a global distribution network.Annual sums will be paid to the national park authority over the course of the agreement and the action plan sets out what will be spent during the mine’s construction and during its post-construction and operational phases.New jobs have been created by the national park authority specifically to implement the plan.The Av 5/t so far is ~2.7x MOP pricing on a 'K' basis. Their chap Hemphill appears to be a regular at Sirius' sites nowadays.Though the Hancock deal as part of Stage 1 monies is price agreed funds (0m for the royalty, m of shares at ~20p), those funds are indeed not released and won't be until the co show evidence they have spent some 0m of the total committed 90m of St1 that arose from the 3/11/16 sale of the issue and the CBs as well as the royalty. the spoil heaps which are causing objections from the campaigners objecting to the revised plans could be disposed of in the caverns underground.

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