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As a result, some alfalfa growers in Nebraska are receiving well over 150 dollars per ton for superior quality dairy hay. But, there are more effective ways to contact buyers.

One is to place your hay on a computer listing in the dairy states.

Growing numbers of jobs in construction, agricultural processing and health care should offset weak growth in farm income, said Eric Thompson, an economist and director of the Bureau of Business Research. Thompson and his fellow economists anticipate that Nebraska will add about 35,000 non-farm jobs from 2017 to 2020, the majority in the services sector.

Although annual farm income will remain significantly below the peaks seen in the early years of the decade, it is expected to rise slightly through 2020. At an average annual increase of a little over 1 percent, Nebraska's total employment would reach 1.06 million in 2020.

Maybe an even better way is to work with hay dealers or become a member of a marketing group, like the Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association, to take advantage of all their market connections.

You may need some luck and do some work to be able to buy low and sell high. While weak farm income continues to be a soft spot for the state economy, Nebraska can expect growth through 2020 in several key sectors, according to the latest long-term economic forecast produced by the Nebraska Business Forecast Council and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Bureau of Business Research. job growth and see particularly strong growth in services, construction, retail trade and agricultural processing." The report is a first look at the prognosis for Nebraska's economic growth into 2020.

Bruce Anderson, NE Extension Forage Specialist Market gurus say to make profits you must buy low and sell high. And when winter forage is abundant, hay prices go down. Could you find other hay nearby that you could make work for your animals that would only cost you 60 or 70 dollars?

All this rain also led to some poor hay making weather which has resulted in a shortage of really high quality alfalfa. If you can, maybe you can sell high, buy low, and pocket the profits. You could post notices at truck stops, place ads in newspapers and magazines, or set up a sign by your driveway.

The services sector represents 39 percent of Nebraska jobs as of 2017.

Construction, agricultural processing and retail trade also will be areas of job growth.

In fact, one factor hampering Nebraska economic growth continues to be a shortage of workers, more than a shortage of jobs.

Omaha organizations receiving the donations included: Siena Francis House, Holy Family, Mount Sinai Outreach, MCC Outreach, Freeway Ministries, Open Door Mission, Salvation Army North Kare Kitchen, Cross Roads Connection and Salvation Army Men’s Center.

Lincoln locations included the People’s City Mission and Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach.

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