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To make a request, please write or email: Oak Spring Garden Library Library Visit Request 1746 Loughborough Lane, Upperville, Virginia 20184 USA • Digitized Manuscript Artwork:- Searches the manuscript database - Requires Adobe Flash Player The digitized artwork database allows searches at both the record-level and at the item-level. Schinz was a Swiss physician, naturalist, and professor of zoology at the University of Zürich, where he founded the zoological collection and published a number of works in related fields of zoology and anthropology. These illustrations are now accurate testimonials to this exquisite garden. PRESENTE A L’ACADEMIE DES SCIENCES DE PARIS, LE 21 JANVIER 1769, PAR M. This definitive work discusses an improved method of extracting oil, local varieties of olive trees, and the amounts and properties of oil that is produced through the milling process. The volume contains 120 engraved and etched plates, all after drawings by Sonnerat. This work was seen as the birth of the English Romantic School movement.

Searches can be made across the entire database based on scientific names, common names, title, creator, and more. The quality of lithography is extraordinary, much more than the later editions. STILISIRTE BLATT-UND BLUTHENFORMEN MIT BEISPIELEN UBER DEREN VERWENDUNG FUR DEN SCHULZEICHENUNTERRICHT. SIEUVE, LAZARE MEMOIRE ET JOURNAL D’OBSERVATIONS ET D’EXPERIENCES SUR LES MOYENS DE GARANTIR LES OLIVES DE LA PIQUURE DES INSECTES. Pest control, fermentation, storing, and transportation of the oils is also examined. SONNERAT, SOUS-COMMISSAIRE DE LA MARINE, NATURALISTE, PENSIONNAIRE DU ROI, CORRESPONDANT DE SON CABINET & DE L’ACADEMIE ROYALE DES SCIENCES DE PARIS, ASSOCIE A CELLES DES SCIENCES, BEAUX-ARTS & BELLES-LETTRES DE LYON. The work is known for its depiction of several birds. There is also “A Poem Sacred to the Memory of Sir Isaac Newton.” It is bound with another work by Thomson, “Britannica. Debrett, Piccadilly, 1790 This work is considered as the most important account of a ‘First Fleet’ voyage documenting the natural history of New South Wales.

Depending on the volume and/or scope of the request, fees may apply.

Resource requests generally include:• High resolution digital photographs; • Access to existing digital images via download; • Digital inkjet prints.

Fortunately, the Library now provides visitors with free online access to its rare book and manuscript database. MOFFETT, THOMAS (1553-1604) INSECTORUM SIVE MINIMORUM ANIMALIUM THEATRUM: OLIM AB EDOARDO WOTTONO. Penny had added some text entries but died in 1589. The Governor had every journal and paper sent to the publisher, Stockdale, in 1788. Putsche discusses in his preface how the work is meant to alleviate the scarcity of information on one of the most vital staples in the world’s diet. Sorgues examines its use as food and for being made into wine. THE GREATER PART ARE HANDSOME EVERGREEN SHRUBS, AND MANY PRODUCE SWEET-SCENTED FLOWERS; AND AS THEY ARE GENERALLY OF FREE GROWTH, AND EASILY MANAGED, THEY MAY BE CONSIDERED AS THE MOST DESIRABLE PLANTS FOR CULTIVATION. MET KOPERE FIGUEREN, TER MATERIE DIENENDE, VERRYKT.

In addition to database availability, the Library is actively digitizing the botanical artwork within its manuscript collection for online availability using the new web-based search interface with expanded resources and search options. Moffett rescued all the materials from Penny’s estate and then followed through with the publishing in 1634. The book discusses the journey and how the new settlement helped to modernize Australia. He gives a comprehensive history on the potato and its versatile uses, including paper production. There are many chapters reviewing the public’s perception and consumption of raising raisins and the various laws that surround production and the selling process. Gedrukt by Andries Voorstad, tot Delft, Voor Jan ten Hoorn, Boekverkoper tot Amsterdam over ‘t Oude Heere Logement, 1697.

There are, of course, many other organizations with websites offering online resources that are not listed here. The first and only edition of Sgrilli’s description of the highly acclaimed Medici villa and garden at Pratolino.

The Oak Spring Garden Library provides these links as a convenience to its online visitors; the Oak Spring Garden Library is not directly affiliated with any of these organizations. The Oak Spring Garden Library allows students and scholars visit for specific academic and research pursuits. This was one of Italy’s most ingenious, enchanting, and influential Renaissance gardens.

Currently, available options include: • Digital imaging requests • Research visits to OSGL • Online access to the Library’s rare-book and manuscript database • Online access to the Library's botanical artwork digitizing project More information is available via the links above.With more than 16,000 objects comprised of books, manuscripts, drawings, prints, paintings, sculptures, and much more, the Oak Spring Garden Library has become a working resource center for both students and scholars. — Eight papier-mâché botanical models with black wooden bases, demonstrating the various parts of each flower; all used for teaching and classroom instruction during the Enlightenment in Vienna, Austria.The Library collection is divided into the following catagories: • Rare Books • Manuscripts • Modern Books • Children’s Books • Artifacts While each collection has its own special significance, the rare book and manuscript collections are the most extensive and form the core of the Oak Spring Garden Library. — One female melon flower, also a papier-mâché model, made in Berlin by R.To make a request, please write or e-mail: Oak Spring Garden Library Digital Resource Request1746 Loughborough Lane, Upperville, Virginia 20184 USA With your request, please include your name, organization, position, the specific items you are requesting, and the specific intended use of the requested items.The Oak Spring Garden Library is home to a large collection of rare books, manuscripts, works of art, and other artifacts relating to gardens, gardening, landscape design, horticulture, and botany.

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Visits are scheduled by appointment only; the Library is not open to the general public. The designs and text for this educational work were produced by a professor Ulrich Schoop. Both villa and garden were designed and built from 1568 to 1586 for Francesco de’ Medici (1541-1587). A first edition of the most attractive of all Australian botanical books and the first with illustrations taken from live specimens rather than from dried plants or field sketches.

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