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Speed dating ice breakers

Mask Exercise This exercise asks participants to draw one of the mask they wear.It’s used to help people go deeper into themselves or to break open a “stuck” group.Last week we ended with the Secret Ingredient that Ties Top Teams Together, where the bottom line is that people need to really know each other before they can become a high performing team.

This game gives students the chance to have lots of one-on-one conversations with many of their classmates and helps them quickly feel more at home in your class.

What I like about all of them is that they get students talking, but require very little social risk.

Each activity supplies students with real topics to talk about, topics that , without forcing anyone to reveal anything too personal.

Example of some of these questions are: The answers to these questions are often fun and more importantly very revealing what the person is about and provides a great2.

Hard Talk One of my favorite and often the most impactful team building activities is HARDtalk in which the leader of the team is exposed to hard hitting questions.

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What’s great about this game is that it helps students quickly discover things they have in common.

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