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The unstoppable movement towards mobile/tablets/the internet of things.I have this feeling that we’ll look back on these times and how we used to interface with our favourite sites through full-screen web browsers on our laptops and chuckle at how innocent we all were.

The app then shows you nearby matches with similar music tastes – like Tinder, except for music nerds.

He graduated from University College Dublin with a 1st class BSc in Mathematical Physics and Computer Science in 2004 and then moved to the UK to undertake a masters in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Edinburgh.

After a stint living, working and learning Italian in Rome he moved to London 3 years ago where he worked as a developer for various local tech startups and started a band.

Traditional dating services, catering towards an older demographic, are both out of date and out of touch.

Tastebuds’ user base – already comfortable with connecting online – need a refreshing, fun new service to find potential matches online based on their tastes, the things that count, and not through endless forms and meaningless personality tests. Alex and I met originally while playing for a London based post-rock 6-piece outfit, Years of Rice and Salt.

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