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Typological sequence dating

This aspect of ’s position on eugenics and race, there is a high probability that the statements it makes will be taken out of context and misinterpreted.This, in turn, discourages appreciating the unique quality of credibility that is emerging with Preface At nearly 12,000 words, this is one of the longest UBthe NEWS reports.There is some indication that it might have originated in the general area of Mesopotamia. .” “Mutation 1 defines a clade, separate from the deep African lineages. The possible role of selection seems quite plausible . Descendents of Haplogroup F are almost absent in Sub-Saharan Africa, further supporting the theory that Haplogroup F formed shortly after its ancestors migrated out of Africa.Both South and Central Native Americans have haplogroup D in high percentages, but the percentage is a little higher in South America. Within this clade, a younger clade, consisting of 21 lineages of which only one is African, is defined by mutation 2. .” “The age of mutation 2, at around 40,000 years ago, represents an estimate of the time of the beginning of global expansion.” In speculating about results that were challenging to interpret, the report states, “One solution to this apparent discrepancy is the possibility that the Y chromosome is subject to fairly strong selection . Not surprisingly, research documenting the rapid spread of genetic material effecting brain growth that shows up in high percentages everywhere except sub-Saharan Africa is going to give rise to interpretations that stand a good chance of being controversial and/or subservient to the dictates of “political correctness.” In this case, a lengthy article was published in the Wall Street Journal on the subject, pointing out that “Web sites and magazines promoting white "racialism" quickly seized on Dr. One magazine that blames black and Hispanic people for social ills hailed his discovery as ‘the moment the antiracists and egalitarians have dreaded.’”The article reveals that the lead geneticist involved in doing the Microcephalin research, Bruce Lahn, is no longer interested in continuing with the research. Lahn, who left China after participating in prodemocracy protests, says intellectual "police" in the U. make such questions difficult to pursue.” “The university's patent office is also having second thoughts.

These correlations also track well with the migrations of Adam and Eve’s descendants.

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