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Updating with rpm

In few words, package management is a method of installing and maintaining (which includes updating and probably removing as well) software on the system.

As a high-level tool, like apt-get or aptitude, yum works with repositories.

These include St Andrews Hospice in Lanarkshire, the Beatson Cancer Charity in Glasgow, Marie Curie, Mac Millan, Breastcancer Care, The Womens Support Project, Scotswoman of the Year, Women of Influence, Paul OGorman Leukemia Research centre and numerous other events.

Last August, the Linux Foundation announced the LFCS certification (Linux Foundation Certified Sysadmin), a shiny chance for system administrators everywhere to demonstrate, through a performance-based exam, that they are capable of succeeding at overall operational support for Linux systems.

Almost all the software that is installed on a modern Linux system will be found on the Internet.

It can either be provided by the distribution vendor through central repositories (which can contain several thousands of packages, each of which has been specifically built, tested, and maintained for the distribution) or be available in source code that can be downloaded and installed manually.

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So the changes made before the event are never applied, because they're overridden by the changes made after, which are then applied when the method returns.

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