Who is chris henry dating how to deal with someone you were not officially dating

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‘I was very jealous of her relationship with her dad because she was so close,’ he says.

‘My dad just didn’t talk to the children very much.

‘A white van used to come and take us to the St Thomas Church Hall.

It was where they had discos on Saturday nights, so when I was older I’d be at Sunday school thinking, “Last night I was dancing to Slade and then trying to snog Yvonne Farmer”.’ This was just before the New Faces appearance, a period in which he ‘crammed a lot in’.

We were given first refusal on our farm, but it was priced at £3.5m, so... For a start, it has just two bedrooms while the last property had eight, but I've since split up with my partner [with whom he has two daughters, 16 and 12], so it suits me fine. When I moved in here, I was lucky because it had just been redecorated, so all I needed to do was bring my furniture, my paintings and myself.

I'm happy to rent, but the truth is I'm renting right now mostly because I don't have the finances to put down a sufficient deposit on the kind of property I think would suit me. I did like to spend money: on Concorde, fancy hotels, Maseratis. What I'm trying to do now is lay another golden egg. After Rye, I did move back to London for a while to manage Bryan Ferry – lovely man – but then I met a young lady from Brighton, and ended up coming down here instead. The sofas have been put together by a lovely lady in a shop around the corner.

When I think of how much I say “I love you” to my daughter and talk to her even when she doesn’t want me to…

My dad never hugged me, never said he was proud of me.

Henry’s father, Winston Jervis Henry, didn’t understand what was happening.‘It’s always very alive in my brain,’ he says as if the days before he found sudden fame were precious, where he was most himself. ‘I went from nothing to everything in the space of three minutes.The whole idea of fame and stardom was that it’s for them, not for me.However, she always wanted her children to be God fearing.‘I went to Sunday school every Sunday for the first 14 years of my life,’ Henry says.

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