Who is shenae grimes dating 2016 sam freddie dating

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She and Ethan had dated after he broke up with Naomi, but concealed it so that Naomi would not find out until they were ready to tell her.

She does, however, find out when she sees their intimacy in an empty classroom.

She later agrees to a date with him where there is a confrontation between her and Mark.

After her estranged friends confront her with news that her boyfriend is a drug dealer, she confronts him about it.

He informs her he knows that she killed his uncle, and then blackmails her so they can continue dating.

Sachs said that Tata was ecstatic about the idea and agreed.

Played by Shenae Grimes, Annie is introduced as an aspiring actress who moves from Wichita, Kansas, to Beverly Hills with her family.

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She and Ethan later part ways and she gets back in Naomi's good books.